Commercial Litigation

The process of taking a case through court is defined as commercial litigation. Generally two or more companies are involved where a dispute over any issue has resulted in either party seeking legal redress through threat of intended legal action or actual legal action. If disputes are not settled by negotiation, they will be concluded either by court litigation or an alternative form of dispute resolution. Alternative methods of dispute resolution include mediation and arbitration. Arbitration is a non-judicial process for the settlement of disputes where an independent third party - an arbitrator - makes a decision that is binding.

Litigation Areas

Areas in which litigation are commonly practiced include Contractual disputes, employment disputes, landlord and tenancy disagreements, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions and debt management.
Due to the complex nature of commercial litigation, specialist lawyers are required as it often relates to complicated areas of corporate law. At SDK Law our team has experience in a wide range of these areas.

Recent Cases

• General contract disputes and debt recovery work including disputes within the IT industry acting for web and software designers.

• Defending a local care home in an application to cancel its registration by the Commission for Social Care Inspection.

• A successful claim by members of a residents' association for return of overcharged service charges in a residential leasehold block. The case involved a point of law as to whether the service charges established as overpaid should be repaid or credited to the service charge account.

• An equally difficult claim by a free holding company which had enfranchised against a difficult lessee This lead to a short quotation in the Daily Telegraph.

• Acting for a local housing authority in claims for possession based on non-payment of rent, anti-social behaviour and breach of covenant.

• Claims and applications in the County Court and High Court in many disputes including applications to resolve Land Registry and Companies House registration problems.

• Acting for landlords and tenants of commercial premises in lease disputes, renewals of business tenancies, rent arrears and dilapidations or repair cases.

Motoring Offences

This is not a core area but we have expertise and offer the service to our business clients and their employees.

General Magistrates' Court Work

Again this is not part of our core work but for existing clients and their families we offer the service. We do not offer services for publicly funded/legal aid cases.

At SDK law we litigate, mediate and defend claims. We will provide clear specialist advice and our team of seasoned lawyers will apply their wealth of commercial litigation experience and knowledge to resolve disputes with the best possible outcome for your business.

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