Corporate Contracts

At SDK Law we are experts in the drafting of business contracts and agreements. For some business owners they view these contracts as an extra expense. However the long term benefits and legal protection that these contracts provide far outweigh the initial costs of drafting and creating them.

We will guarantee that you are completely informed and understand exactly what the terms mean within your contract for you and your clients/supplier etc and what are the repercussions for both parties should they be breached. Contracts are generally drawn up between two parties for a specific situation with the intention of creating legal relations to reflect and represent an agreement between the two parties.

No two agreements will be identical so it is essential that you seek professional advice when creating a corporate contract.

Contracts & Agreements

Examples of contracts SDK Law can assist you with include:

• Manufacturing agreements

• Maintenance contracts

• Agreements for service outsourcing, whether for companies, consultants or freelancers

• Partnership and LLP agreements and terms and conditions for your business whether selling goods or providing services (including international contracts)

• Acquisition or disposal supply chain agreements

• Agency agreements

• Sponsorship and endorsement agreements

• Guarantees and loan agreements

• Joint venture agreements

• Property and asset management agreements

• Sponsorship and endorsement agreements

• Shareholders agreements

• Construction contracts and sub-contract agreements

• Distribution agreements

• Licensing agreements

• Construction contracts and sub-contract agreements

• Ancillary revenue contracts and website referral agreements

• Logistics, distribution and warehousing agreements

• Franchising

• Complex framework purchasing agreements

If you require contract solicitors for a commercial contract, please contact us today and one of our team will be happy to assist you further.

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