Divorce Fees

At SDK we usually work in family cases based on our clients paying fixed fees for the work to be done. We have found that our clients like the certainty of knowing what must be paid so that they can budget for the charges rather than receiving a bill which they were not expecting.

Please note that we do not offer Legal Aid. If we feel that you may be eligible for this, then we will advise you of this and ask if you wish to be referred to a firm offering such facility.

Divorce and Civil Partnership Dissolution

We charge a fixed fee of £600 where an application needs to be made for Divorce or to dissolve a Civil Partnership. We charge a fixed fee of £450 where the client has received papers from his or her spouse or partner. These fees and the VAT must be paid in advance of the work being done and we do not then make any further charge provided there are no unforeseen issues for us to address.

Written Agreements

We have fixed fees for the preparation of written agreements such as a Separation or Pre-Nuptial Agreement. Our fixed charges are usually £950 subject to the value of the assets which a client is seeking to protect.

Court Involvement

We charge fixed fees where an application has been made to the Court to resolve financial matters within Divorce or the dissolution of a Civil Partnership. Court proceedings of this nature may have several different stages such as the preparation of a detailed Financial Statement or where representation is required at a court hearing and we charge a fixed fee for each stage of the case.

Our Aim

Our aim is to ensure that our clients know what they will need to pay so that they do not have any unpleasant surprises. The charges are either paid in advance of the work being done or sometimes as a case progresses and out team will advise on what is most suitable for you given the circumstances of a case.

We will advise you on the charges at the outset and, provided that there are no unforeseen circumstances, we will not increase our charges to give you peace of mind.

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