Family Law

SDK Law has experienced solicitors specialising in the implications of relationship breakdown.

Our solicitors concentrate on all aspects of relationship breakdown which can include a Pre-Nuptial Agreement or where a relationship is in difficulty and there is a need for a Separation Agreement or for divorce and division of the financial assets. Areas we specialise in include:

• Divorce proceedings UK

• Children Cases

• Unmarried Family Finances

• Finances court involvement

• Pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements

We use modern technology such as webcams to speak to our clients and additionally have conference centres to meet personally in Cornwall, Devon, Sussex, Cheshire and London where absolute confidentiality is guaranteed. We ensure efficiency throughout so that all communications are sent by email usually on the same day as the advice is required.

We are also aware that many people may believe that the cost of specialist legal advice may be unaffordable and this is why we have a ‘fixed fee’ structure to pay our charges.

• Divorce fees

From simple settlements and amicable agreements to complex Children Cases, our team at SDK Law will support you through every step of the process. Call one of our family law specialists today and let us support you for the best possible outcome.

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